Call for presentations for Palmén Colloquium - Spring 2023 series

The purpose of the Geographical Society of Finland is to bring all those interested in geographical questions together, share ideas and generate a feeling of a geographical community.

The Palmén Colloquium of the Geographical Society of Finland affords occasions to present and discuss fresh and contemporary research for a broad geographical crowd. Open to all, the colloquium intends to both promote geographic research and proliferate interaction within Geography. The hybrid-form colloquium is hosted by the Geographical Society of Finland and can be organized at Tieteiden Talo (Helsinki) or Finnish universities.

Historically the Society held meetings on Friday afternoons. Following this tradition, the colloquium will be held mainly on Friday lunchtime between 12 noon and 1 pm. 

The Society opened the call for geographical presentations for the spring 2023 season in Terra (vol 134 issue 3), but in case you missed it, there is room for presentations from mid-March to June 2023. Colloquium presentations are 30+ minutes long, and the event allows a fruitful discussion with the audience.

Please submit your title, preferably an abstract and preferred Friday in Spring 2023 to or before 22nd December. We aim to have the full schedule published in early January.

You can find more information and this Autumn’s six-presentation schedule of the Palmén colloquium at

Malmén mitali