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The purpose of the Geographical Society of Finland is to bring all those interested in geographical questions together, share ideas and have a feeling of a geographical community. 

Our events:

  • The Geography Days, hosted by different university every year, is a great occasion that brings the national geographical community together. 
  • In addition the Society organises Palmén colloquium on selected fridays, to discuss current topics in the field of geography.


Journals and publishing

The Geographical Society of Finland publishes two journals. Terra, the leading peer reviewed geographical journal in Finland, is published in finnish and is mailed as a printed copy to every member of the Society. Fennia published in English and it is an open access journal.  Fennia is a non-profit peer-review journal published by the Geographical Society of Finland since 1889. It is an international scientific publication dedicated to all fields of geography with attentiveness to northern dimensions.

The Society is also collaborating with two other Finnish societies, Society for Regional and Environmental Studies and Finnish Society for Environmental Social Science to publish Versus. Versus' aim is to make research more visible and effective by publishing popularized versions of scholarly work and creating discussion between researchers, experts, students, and other potential audiences.

With the support of our members we can continue publishing and promoting geography as a discipline.

Members get a 50% discount of old issues of Terra and Fennia. They can be purcahsed at Tiedekirja, Snellmaninkatu 13 00170 Helsinki.


How to join the Society?

You can join the society via a form:


To get in touch with the society, please contact:

The president of the society:
PhD Joni Vainikka

Executive director:
M.Sc. Kanerva Matveinen