Palmén Colloquium




The Palmén-Colloquium of the Geographical Society of Finland affords occasions to present and discuss fresh and contemporary research for a broad geographical crowd. As open to all, the colloquium intends to both promote geographic research and proliferate interaction within Geography.    

The hybrid-form colloquium is hosted by the Geographical Society of Finland and the University of Helsinki. The colloquium can also be organized in other universities.

Following the Society’s tradition of Friday meetings, the colloquium will be held in Teams and live mainly on Friday lunchtime between 12 noon and 1 pm. In Autumn 2022 the colloquium will be held in 16 SEPT, 30 SEPT, 14 OCT, 18 NOV, 16 DEC & 20 JAN

More info and abstracts can be found here      

Malmén mitali

J.A. Palmén helped to establish the Geographical Society of Finland in 1888. For Palmén, geography was the science that summoned different disciplines together and for whom space formed form interactions of different processes. Palmén was a leading ornithologist and a biologist curious of all things living, always looking to the horizon, and pushing geographers to make connections.