Palmén Colloquium - Endings in refuge – time and temporality in refugee research

Friday, 21st APRIL

Endings in refuge – time and temporality in refugee research.

One of the most urgent issues related to forced migration and refugeehood is how to end it. But does refugeehood ever end? If so, how, when, and where? With the up-coming Kone Foundation-funded Endings project (2023-2026 at the Migration Institute of Finland), we seek answers to these questions by combining research and arts through four case studies, on 1) the end of refugeehood as an experience, 2) the end of refuge as a legal status, 3) the end of reception centres, and 4) the end of life in refuge. The Endings project addresses both theoretical and empirical gaps connected with refugeehood, time, and endings. Through research and arts, this project explores possible closures, ends, finishes, cancellations, afterlives, ‘post-’s, ‘no more’s, or terminations – and the spaces related to them. To do so, Endings draws on critical research into spatio-temporal facets of forced migration, with emphasis on emotional, legal, and material aspects of the endings. In this talk, we will introduce the project, and discuss time and temporality in refugee research.

Room 207 in Tieteiden talo at Helsinki

Camilla Marucco, Doctoral Student, University of Turku, cammar(at)

Eveliina Lyytinen, Senior Research Fellow, Migration Institute, eveliina.lyytinen(AT)