Palmén Colloquium - Human geographical perspectives on knowledge creation and creativity in the era of AI

Friday 30th SEPT

Human geographical perspectives on knowledge creation and creativity in the era of AI

Knowledge and creativity are key concepts, and knowledge creation and creativity are key processes in human geographies, specifically in economic, creative and digital geographies. Current era is characterized by fast developing digitalization, robotization, and self-learning AI-technology. Humans across public and private sectors increasingly create knowledge and are creative with AI. Introducing a non-human learning actor alongside the human actor into these processes challenges the existing human-centered understandings of knowledge and creativity, and transforms the processes of knowledge creation and creativity. More-than-human approach is needed to understand such a change. Despite increasing literature on robots and AIs in human geography, empirical research remains thin – particularly in the context of everyday spatial creativity and knowledge creation processes with robots and AIs. In the presentation, I ask: (i) whether knowledge and creativity need redefinition in the era of AI, and (ii) how humans create knowledge and are creative with AIs and robots? I present spatial process perspective to empirical study of creativity and knowledge creation. I present results of our projects Co-Creativity in the Era of AI of Finland-based artists and scientists who create with AI (Kone Foundation 2020-23), and Second Machine Age Knowledge Co-Creation Processes in Space and Time (Academy of Finland 2018-23) of university students, researchers, and experts in business companies who work with AI and robots in Finland and Singapore. Materials include nearly 100 interviews, video demonstrations of work, diaries of creative moments, and mobility-mapping of spatial creativity processes.

Johanna Hautala, Associate Professor of Regional Development and Innovation Policy, University of Vaasa, johanna.hautala(AT)

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