Minikonferenssi Liettualaisten kollegoiden kanssa Turussa 17. elokuuta.

We are happy to invite you to a miniconference with our Lithuanian colleagues,

On the 17th of August, a group of Lithuanian geographers from their national Geographical society are coming to a visit Turku section of Geography. Their visit is a part of their tour around the Baltic and they wish to exchange new ideas in a form of a mini conference about Baltoscandia and their expedition ‘Mission Lithuania’ around Baltic. The conference is scheduled in 15.15-17:00.(Please see the attachment).

What they (Lithuanians) hope that there would be some participants (the members of Finnish Geographic Society) and if someone would interested, a small presentation about one’s research about issues related to Baltic (Marine Spatial Planning, Coastal research etc.) would be highly appreciated.

If interested, please contact Niko Humalisto ( / 0445 666 551). For doctoral students, this is an opportunity gain a study point.

All the best,